Thursday, June 6, 2013

the last week of school

the last few weeks of school were jam packed with wonderful end of the year activities.  in addition to the usual finals, yearbook signing and class parties we mixed all of the 8th grade activities that make their final days at cha all the more memorable.

last week 5th grade had their egg drop.  the local fire station sent two trucks to help them out.  unfortunately before they could start the crew got an emergency call and had to leave.  we waited for a little while and then the trucks came back... and then they got another call... but only sent one truck so the egg drop could happen.
they lifted that ladder way up into the sky and let the packages fall.  8th grade was also there doing a science lesson on speed and acceleration.

one by one the packages fell with a bang or soft landing.  once the packages were opened they saw the results.  andrew wrapped his egg in bubble wrap and cotton balls and weighted with beans.  it didn't make it. only two of the eggs did.  but everyone had fun.

then bobby and i went to sofia's class for her student led portfolio presentation.  she showed us her class work, art and writing.  she told us what she learned and why she thought it was important.  i absolutely love this.  the kids are so proud of everything they have accomplished over the school year and are eager to talk about their successes.

that evening jordan had his chapter presentation.  chapter is where the students show off what they have learned during their middle school years and why they are ready to move on to the next chapter of their lives, high school.

each student picks a theme to showcase who they are.  jordan chose swimming.  he spoke about how science, math, spanish and history have helped make him a strong swimmer.  he presented math equations on speed and friction, he showed us how buoyancy works, he spoke in spanish and told us how it helped him communicate with other swimmers.  he also talked about how the different electives he took opened his eyes to what is out there; drama, mock trial, and drumming.  thanks to that he found a passion for drums (and realized he doesn't want to be an actor or lawyer.)

his teachers, friends and family were there to support him and encourage him along the way.

friday there was an all school assembly.  one of the teachers auctioned off a chance to turn him into a human sundae.  the fourth grade class covered him in whipped cream, chocolate and caramel sauce, marshmallows, and sprinkles.  they even topped him off with cherries.  what a good sport he is.

then at the end of the assembly the tradition is for the 8th grade students to be surrounded by the entire school and sing together for the last time. those tall boys and girls encircled by the little pre-schoolers, hugging, and singing together.  i was in tears.  sorry i don't have a picture and i can't upload the video but believe me, it was touching.

monday was the school talent show.  jordan had been thinking about what he was going to do since school started.  over the last few months he spent a lot of time playing two foo fighter songs.  he was the last act and he blew everyone away.  the kids were amazed and the teachers were in awe that he has never had lessons.  jordan was pretty happy with himself too.

monday night andrew had his last baseball game.  the marlins secured the championship by winning this game.  no playoffs needed.  congratulations to all the players and coaches for a great season.

tuesday the kids had class parties, color day and the annual faculty vs. 8th grade volleyball game.

there was so much excitement and energy during these last few days of school.  i tried really hard to keep it together as each of these events came and went.  i was prepared for all of the emotion, i knew i would cry.  these are the moments that the kids look forward to as school comes to an end.  but for me it means another year over, and the end of an unforgettable chapter in jordan's life.

we are so proud of all of them for a wonderful school year.

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