Monday, June 17, 2013

2013 weekly menu: week 25

father's day breakfast
we're off to a good start.  we've already crossed off several things off our summer fun list including going to the beach, going to disneyland, seeing man of steel, play dates with friends and swimming.  last week wiped us me out.

i don't expect this week to be as eventful which is good since this morning jordan started water polo.  no guarantees that he will make the team in the fall or that he will even like it, but it's now part of our summer. we're committed.  maybe i should wait til after the first practice to make such a bold statement.

last week our menu got moved around a little bit because we were out at dinnertime.  so i'll try to stay on track this week.

weekend eats:
saturday: leftover chinese from lunch. i had yogurt with fruit and granola
sunday: stonefire grill to celebrate father's day

making this week:
monday: grilled pork chops and nectarines
tuesday: chicken cobb salad
wednesday: salmon with yogurt sauce, mashed potatoes, green beans
thursday: chicken enchiladas, rice
friday: pizza

have a great week.

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