Friday, June 7, 2013

these moments

there are moments in every mom's life that you want to remember forever.  those moments are the reason i take photos, they are the reason i document them in an album, they are the reason i blog.  i don't want to forget.

on wednesday i had a day filled with those moments.

the moment when the class of 2013 sat together for a photo.  this group is something special.  they are smart, energetic, and supportive of each other.  seeing them all together in their caps and gowns and remembering them as kindergartners was surreal.

the moment when jordan walked into the amphitheater, and we cheered.

the moment when they sang.

the moment when each of the kids gave their speeches on what cha means to them.  each of them unique and representative of who they are.  the kids are confident speakers and talented writers.

the moment that stood out when rachel gave her speech, got emotional and started crying as she said how much she will miss her classmates and what cha means to her.  tears were flowing everywhere.

the moment when rebecca, the valedictorian, gave her speech.  she is a brilliant writer, avid reader, and spelling bee champ.  her speech was reflective and inspiring.

the moment when matt, the co-salutatorian, gave his speech about his memories of cha and what he will take away from his years here. he is a good friend with a great sense of humor.

the moment when ryan, jordan's friend since pre-school, introduced jordan. it was touching and incredibly emotional.  i am so thankful for their friendship.

the moment when jordan gave his co-salutatorian speech.  simple, expressive and meaningful.  he talked about everyone being a family, a theme that was repeated throughout the ceremony.  he also said that cha was a nest that let them grow up safe and encouraged and now they are ready to fly like eagles.

the moment when they introduced the lifers, students that have been at cha since pre-school or kindergarten.  9 lifers graduated on wednesday taking with them a decade of memories and friendships.

the moment when they sang "on top of the world" by imagine dragons and used the drumsticks to play the beat.

the moment when jordan's name was called.  they announced that jordan will be attending notre dame and he will be taking honors courses.

the moment when bobby, as a board of trustee member, was able to give jordan his diploma.

the moment when they all stood up as graduates and turned their tassels.

the moment when he congratulated his classmates.

and took lots of pictures.

the moment when he was greeted by his teachers who encouraged him, supported him and never let him be anything less than amazing.

the moment when our families, who have been on this journey together, posed with our boys.

the moment when these four stood together as life long friends, fellow graduates and soon to be notre dame classmates.

the moment when i felt so proud, so full of joy and yet so sad that his journey at cha has come to an end.  we chose cha because of jordan.  we felt a connection with the beautiful campus, the outstanding academic program, and the caring staff and teachers.  9 years went by so fast and he has grown so much; emotionally, academically and physically.

we know that parents are the number one influence in a child's life but we have witnessed the impact that the right school can have on a young person. jordan will take with him confidence, friendships and knowledge that has shaped who he is and what he will become.

thank goodness we still have 2 more kids here!

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