Monday, June 24, 2013

2013 weekly menu: week 26

my very first french press coffee.
back from a wonderful girls' weekend in palms springs.  can't even begin to explain how much fun we had; laughing, eating, talking and relaxing.  looking through all the photos today and remembering every moment.

week 2 of summer for us.  second week of water polo.  hopefully it will be a little easier this week. he's keeping up and still feeling sore enthusiastic.

the kids and i have projects ahead this week.  bobby reorganized the kids' rooms this weekend and we need to clean out toys, clothes and junk and put everything back in order.  love starting fresh.

oh and our dishwasher broke.  really?!

weekend eats:
saturday: pizza, gnocchi and salad from birba in palm springs (me)
sunday: carne asada and chicken tacos (bobby and the kids)

making this week:
monday: chicken tacos, corn on the cob
tuesday: cheese ravioli with tomatoes and basil, salad
wednesday: grilled salmon, brown rice, vegetable kabobs
thursday: chinese chicken salad with noodles
friday: pizza

inevitably we will eat out during the week.  like last week we got pizza after jordan's game and bobby and the kids went to a pool party on friday night instead of eating pizza again.  i plan for the best case (or worst case as some see it) scenario of cooking every dinner at home. but i know plans change.

my shopping trips in the summer are fast with sofia as my shopping partner - get in and get out.  so i tend to shop with 2-3 days of meals in mind, which means heading to the store more than once a week. that gives me some room to play since i can still make changes to the menu throughout the week.

say on tuesday after water polo we decide to go to that fabulous pizza place again - hypothetically speaking of course - then i'll move the ravioli to wednesday and scoot everything else down the list.  i only buy fish the day we will eat it so we can have the salmon any day during the week and not worry it will go to waste.

i admit that there are challenges in the summer. shopping with kids in tow, eating around going to the beach or hanging out with friends - it's so much easier to just pick up fast food on the road, meals while on vacation. not to mention having 3 kids in the house all day who like to eat at all hours, and one teenage boy who is doing more exercise than he ever has in his life and is constantly hungry.

the good news is that there are plenty of good summer foods to have on hand.  summer is my favorite food season.  food just tastes better, and fresher. flavor is at its peak.  so you really can't go wrong.

it comes down to being prepared, but being flexible.  that's what works for us.  we'll see how the weeks turns out.

enjoy the first official week of summer.

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