Friday, June 1, 2012

happy list:: 08

the happy list

1. tazo iced green tea
bought one at starbucks instead of coffee and i love it!  refreshing, clean and good for you.  i bought the tea bags to make at home.  it will be our summer drink.

2. a manicure
sofia and i went to the salon after school last friday to get our nails done.  she chose pink with sparkles (shocker) and i got navy blue.  love the color even if it's already chipping.  i want to try some of the new essie colors this summer. fun!

3. adventure
sofia went rafting over the weekend with the boys.  it was a little stressful for me to watch her float away. but she was so excited and not too fearful.  keep that adventurous spirit sofi, but stay safe.

4. organix shampoo and conditioner
bought this on sale at target a few weeks ago and i love it.  my hair is soft and shiny.  and it smells like hawaii.  i've also tried the moroccan argan oil and it was great too.

5. concerts and musicals
going to the carrie underwood concert in october with my sister.
going to see the book of mormon in september with bobby.
super excited for both.

have a happy friday!

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Alexa said...

Hey Betty! That's so funny I just tried that same shampoo this week. LOVE it. Sofia looks great on the raft.