Tuesday, June 19, 2012

summer cocktail: micheladas

i feel a little weird posting a cocktail recipe on my family blog.  but then again we just spent the weekend building a wine barn. it's about moderation and responsibility.

so i will post cocktail recipes from time to time.

when i first started thinking about this post the recipe that came to mind was this one.  beer, lime and chile? umm, yes please.

when i was younger i remember hanging out with my family who lives in baja. they would open a beer, squeeze in a lime and sprinkle it with some salt.  it makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

i looked for recipes online and the one that stood out as the most authentic was this one.  most items can be found in the hispanic aisle at the grocery store.  i used the worcestershire sauce instead of the salsa ingelsa because i didn't have time to go to vallarta grocery store.  there is also an option to finish it with some clamato.


bottle of beer - i used pacifico
jugo maggi
salsa ingelsa or worcestershire sauce
tajin - salt with chili powder and lime

salt the rim of the glass with the lime and then dip in the tajin.  juice the lime into the glass.  i used the juice of one lime but you can use more or less.  pour the beer over lime juice. add 2 shakes of the jugo maggi and 2 shakes of the worcestershire sauce. stir ingredients together. fill the glass with ice. finish with a pinch of tajin.
sit back and enjoy the freshness.  best served with a bean and cheese burrito and a big bowl of chips and salsa.

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