Thursday, May 31, 2012

photo adventure: take me out to the ballgame

this past saturday my mom & dad invited us to take a tour of dodger stadium.  our family is a huge baseball family.  my brothers played baseball growing up, we went to dodger games as a family, we even shared season passes for a few years.  so it was great to get the family together to see how this organization runs and some of the little secrets "behind the scenes."

the men were like little kids getting to walk around the ball field.  they knew stats, names, numbers and history.  their eyes lit up when they saw the press room where the plays are called.  it was just as much fun to watch them as it was to see it myself.
sing it with me "take me out to the ballgame..."
history on display.
andrew had just finished a book report on jackie robinson so this tour brought all of that information to life.
visiting the suites.  someday we will have a birthday party here.

and then getting to go down on the field.
and in the dugout.
calling the bullpen.  he would make a great manager!
she's a fan.  we all are.  now go out and play some ball.


Mom said...

Este paseo estuvo muy divertido; Bobby parece deveras el couch. Las fotos que le tomaste en el doughout están increibles y la experiencia que les queda a los niños, tambien.
Keep up the good work!
Love, Mom

Mom said...


Dad said...

Wasn't it a great experience?

Yes, we were little boys, again.

Thank you for comming with us