Friday, June 22, 2012

easy livin'

it's summertime.
we don't have a big vacation planned.
kind of bummed about that.
but we have planned a few long weekends.
and we have some fun things in mind to make this summer a great one.
this week i asked the kids to give me a list of things they wanted to do.
and then i made a list of my own.
i don't see why we can't get it all done.
or at least try.
why not?

here's what we came up with. *items are future blog posts.
we've already checked off a few.

  • go to california adventure - cars land
  • go swimming
  • have squirt gun fights
  • make playdough - with sparkles
  • play board games
  • make s’mores from scratch*
  • make jelly*
  • make pies*
  • write a story about summer
  • have play dates
  • do art
  • visit a museum*
  • go to the beach
  • go to the movies
  • get new books to read
  • go to the library
  • go camping
  • go to gigi and great grandpa’s house
  • set up an art station
  • get messy and take pictures
  • clean up the yard, garage
  • finish/catch up/start scrapbook projects
  • eat fresh fruits and vegetables
  • visit at least 3 2 different farmer’s markets*
  • read 3 books: 1 inspirational,1 to learn something, 1 for fun
  • wear lots of skirts
  • exercise 3 times a week
  • have an outdoor movie party
  • get away for the weekend with bobby
  • redesign the blog
  • make homemade ice cream
  • make cocktails*
  • write letters
  • take a family photo
  • build a barn*
  • sew something to wear - for me or sofia*
  • find a typewriter
  • work on some diy projects*
we must
  • take the kids to the doctor
  • take the kids to the optometrist
  • do our summer reading/workbook
  • clean out our clothes
  • clean out toys/hobby items
  • play basketball
  • start the high school search
  • sign up sofia for ccd
looking forward to
  •  jordan getting his braces off
  • the summer olympics
  • a wedding
  • a bat mitzvah
  • a baby shower
  • a family reunion
  • sleeping in
it's gonna be a great summer!

1 comment:

Melissa said...

We need to make a list too! So much to do during summer! We can make s'mores when you come to visit- that's on our list too :)