Monday, June 25, 2012

weekly menu: week 26

our weekends can be crazy.
sometimes insane.
sometimes we sit around on sunday night and wonder how we got through it?

we just had that kind of weekend.
too many things on the calendar.
all of them important to at least one member of the family.
so we do it all one way or another.

this weekend

  • i prepped for a baby shower
  • jordan went to an angels vs. dodgers game and stayed for the fireworks
  • we went to a taping of good luck charlie
  • bobby helped with clean up at school
  • andrew had baseball practice
  • the girls put on a baby shower
  • sofia went to a birthday party
  • jordan swam with friends from out of town
  • jordan had his first basketball game
  • andrew had his last baseball game
  • we ate pizza and leftover shower food
  • bobby and i made a list of home repair items
  • the boys put up a basketball hoop
  • bobby went to the movies at 10pm to see abraham lincoln vampire hunter
  • i collapsed from exhaustion at 9:30pm and didn't get up til this morning
it's crazy but that's our life.  

making this week::
monday:  subway, basketball game and school meeting
tuesday: salmon with mango chimichurri, tropical rice
wednesday:  chicken and corn chowder
thursday: caprese sandwiches, salad
friday:  pizza
saturday: eat out
sunday: grilled kabobs and harvest medley salad

hope your week is relaxing.

1 comment:

Alexa said...

Crazy indeed! The shower was beautiful and I love those chicken salad sandwiches. :)