Thursday, June 7, 2012

around here

  • i am anxious to get my haircut.
  • there is cookie butter sitting in the pantry, and i will not eat it.
  • i am making plans for the next school year. did i mention i was elected pto president?
  • sofia enjoyed her first pedicure.  especially the massage chair.
  • i am looking for a few new books for each of us.
  • we are planning a couple of summer getaways.
  • i am in need of some new clothes.  
  • kids are taking finals and turning in their final projects.
  • we are laughing over this video.  4th grade advice for their teacher and new baby.
  • jordan is getting some much needed basketball coaching.
  • i am thinking about a blog revamp. summer will be the perfect time to work on that.
  • flowers are blooming.
  • we are excited that andrew's team will be in the playoffs.
  • i am researching cocktails for the blog.  i have my first one ready to go.
  • we are having leftovers of this for dinner - i didn't realize it made two casseroles.  it was delicious even with a few healthy alterations.
  • i am retiring my softball cleats (i don't really have any) after one game.  or at least until they need me to sub again.
  • i am enjoying these last few days of structure and looking forward to the summer.
  • sofia is getting really good at hula hooping.
  • we are all happy!

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