Monday, June 11, 2012

weekly menu: week 24

breakfast at cici's
ingredients for the perfect breakfast:
a very good cup of coffee
eggs over medium
thick, crispy, and perfectly sweet french toast
a few bites of the berry pancakes
sharing it with my mom made it all the better.
beats my usual toast with peanut butter for sure.

the last week of school is upon us. actually the last days.
class parties, locker and desk clean up, and pool parties await us this week.

making this week::
monday: greek chicken pita
tuesday: shrimp tacos
wednesday:  kids' choice - last day of school
thursday: dinner with family
friday:  pizza
saturday: eat out
sunday: father's day bbq

baking this week::
i know i said i wasn't going to bake anymore but... i saw this recipe for blueberry cake and well, how can you pass it up? and i needed a week to get  my cocktails together.  look for that next week.

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