Thursday, January 19, 2012

project life 2012

yes, this is a post about scrapbooking.  well, sort of.
the new term is memory keeping.
it involves capturing a story by taking a picture (or not) and adding words or ephemera to tell the story.
it's the way i tell my story.

even if you aren't crafty, this project is for you.
pictures, words, little scraps of life.
no adhesive and as much "fanciness" as you want to add.

take a look at mine, it's not very fancy at all.
i am using the clementine edition.  i love the colors, patterns and happiness of this kit.  i don't need anything more than this kit to work on this project.
i am also using "design a" page protectors.  but after seeing other spreads i will order a few other designs when they become available to add to the mix.

here's my cover page.
week 1

includes jordan's birthday, going back to school and tags from our new bath towels.

week 2

includes the detox, our trip to disneyland, and a very nice card that i got in the mail from our pto president.  that's something that makes this project so much cooler for me.  i would have held onto that card not knowing what to do with it, but not wanting to throw it away.  now i have a place to keep it and remember his thoughtfulness.
note: after putting last weeks layout together i found that i have more pictures that i want to include from our disneyland trip.  so this weekend i will print those out and add them in another page protector and slip it in between that week.  i purchased these page protectors that would be perfect for that.

i plan on printing my pictures from home but will occasionally print a batch at costco if i have time.  i really want to make this as easy as possible to keep up with.  i did this project last year and fell behind a bit.  i think a lot had to do with the fact that i had to pick up the prints at costco, just another step in the process.  i am almost finished putting that album together so i know it can be done.

there is a lot of inspiration online.  some of it can be overwhelming and some of it is truly inspirational.  i've borrowed ideas from different people (check out the weekly wrap up on her layouts) but i plan on keeping this project simple and unique to me.

check out the designers for project life.

some of them use becky's kits and some mix it with stuff they have on hand.  you can be as creative as you want.  just getting your pictures into the page protectors and writing a little something is enough.

the point is this: tell the story of your life.
tell it through your everyday life.
tell it through those magical moments that are gone in an instant.
tell it through the funny things your kids say.
tell it through the everyday details that one day could be forgotten.
tell it through the food you eat.
tell it through the home you live in.
tell it through the craziness that so many of us live with.
tell it through the things you do.
tell it through the places you go.
tell it through the people you love.
tell it through the things that you value.
tell it through your experiences, and feelings.

telling your story doesn't have to involve lots of craftiness.  it can be simple and easy.  you will look back on these moments and be so glad that you took the time to document.

happy thursday!


Mackenzie said...


Your album from last year inspired me to try it this year. Course, I have yet to start since the new house has consumed our lives. I need to just buy it and get started before it's the end of the year! :) Hopefully it'll turn out as great as yours!

Amanda Toyer said...

looks great! I prefer the term Memory Keeping too!

theelfqueen said...

Love this! Great work!