Friday, January 27, 2012

happy friday

it's been a heck of week.

i'm glad it's over.  and looking forward to the weekend. although that is jampacked as well.  but at least we'll be together.

i'm not sure if i've posted this before, but i absolutely love it.

it really has helped when i am having a difficult time.  things have been very busy and stressful lately.  i'm just trying to stay on top of it all.  you know that feeling? trying to sort it out and get it done.

i'm working on changing the things i can change and accepting the things that i can't change. moving forward and focusing on being happy.

i know that being able to come here and take a breath has really helped.  that and i've taken up knitting.  taught myself on tuesday and am working on a scarf.  i am in love, with the scarf and with knitting.

i'm hoping to have some time next week to post some of the things i've been busy with.

until then i wanted to make sure to wish you a happy friday and a good weekend.

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