Friday, January 20, 2012

happy list:: 03

i really hadn't planned on doing this every week and most likely i won't. but while i am inspired i will keep at it.
the happy list
1. being complimented on my kids
the way they make healthy food choices, how well behaved they are, what good students they are.  i consider it a positive job review.  we must be doing something right, right?

2. being productive
but more than that, being helpful.  getting things done.  things that really matter.  things that make a difference.  i love being able to help in any way i can.

3. being appreciated
along with being helpful is also knowing that what you do is appreciated.  acknowledgment makes me happy.  it's going around right now and i love it.

4. having a party
is there anything more fun than a party.  people joined together in celebration.  looking forward to a family birthday this weekend and next, a belated birthday gathering for jordan, and our school gala next month.

5. people reading this blog
and commenting here, on facebook and in real life.  this blog keeps me accountable ( like someone questioning me at a party about why i'm eating pizza if i'm supposed to be on a detox). or telling me that i made their day or made them laugh or touched them in some way.  or inspiring someone to try something new or write something or buy something ;).  i have to be honest, it feels good.

have a wonderful weekend. 

1 comment:

Mackenzie said...

Hmm...who could #5 be directed towards? :)

I may need to pick your brain about supplemental products to buy.