Friday, January 6, 2012

happy list:: 01

so you know my word is happy, right?

jordan told me on new year's eve that he thought it was cool that most people's first word of the year is happy.  you know, "happy new year".  you start the year off happy.  i loved that.  (he also mentioned that most people's last word of the year is 1.  "3-2-1".  he is observant.)

i am finding different ways of incorporating my word into my daily life.  trying to find happiness in the everyday, which somedays can be a bit of a challenge.

one way to do that is to start a happy list.  posting weekly the things that are making me happy.  and maybe you'll find happiness in them too.  (i'll try not to wear that word out before the end of the year.)

the happy list

1. january magazines
i admit to having picked up a few from the newsstand recently.  i love that so many of them focus on "the light issue".  eating right, detox, getting life in gear, and organizing.  all of which i am in need of.  lists of house cleaning schedules and clean eating action plans.  i'm all about that right now, so bring it on.
2. jennifer aniston
no, not her.  i'm talking about her perfume. it's called jennifer aniston, clever huh? i read about it on a blog and it sounded like something i would like.  so i went to sephora, spritzed some on and walked around a bit to get used to it.  and you know what?  i like the way jennifer aniston smells.  no, not her. her fragrance.  clean, but sweet.  light and flowery.  i invested in the rollerball but if i like it i'll go back and get a small bottle of jennifer aniston.  no, not her, ok you get it.

3. summer weather in january
i'm not sure if you know this about me but i'm not a cold weather person.  my family makes fun of me because i get a sweater when the temperature falls below 70.  ok. below 75 78.  i can't help it.  i get chilled to the bone and it's not a pleasant feeling.  so this beautiful sunshine and 80 degree weather is making me really happy.  

4. canon 60d
the decision was finally made and bobby and i invested in this fine piece of photographic technology.   let me put it this way, my beloved rebel shoots at 8 megapixels.  the 60d shoots at 18 megapixels.  big upgrade.  and did i mention the 60d has a fully articulated 3.0" lcd.  that's what i'm talking about.  i decided to upgrade the body and wait on a lens for a little bit longer.  it just made more sense to me.  bobby was on board when he found out that it also had 1080p hd video recording.  funny story, if you've been reading my blog for a while you know i've been debating the body vs. lens upgrade for a few years.  so bobby and i were at best buy checking out the cameras and i made a comment about how hard this decision was.  a guy overheard us and chimed in with, what really matters is the glass you shoot with.  (that's the term for lenses in photography circles. )  so we engage in a conversation with this guy about lenses and bodies and megapixels and what really matters.  in the end i think he was just as confused as we were about what to upgrade first.  but he gave me some things to think about.  and i realized i knew a lot more than i thought about camera equipment.  i also found it awkward talking to a stranger about liking the body i have but wanting to upgrade to a better body.  i could feel myself blushing as the words came out of my mouth.  anyway, i'm having a lot of fun playing with my camera.

5. project life 2012
i am so excited about getting started on this album for this year. i'm working on my title page today and will put together my first week this weekend.  there are so many ideas floating around the internet with inspiration for getting this project going.  it's pretty much how i scrapbook nowadays.  easy, fast and fun.  look for some posts over the year with my progress.  to learn more about it check out becky higgins' website.

there you have it.  my first happy list of 2012.

wishing you an inspired weekend.

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