Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 weekly menu:: week 2

last week i put the january magazines on my "happy list" and i read the whole living issue this weekend.  i suggested to bobby that we do a detox for the next 21 days.  actually this morning we agreed to do the detox for 3 days and see how it goes.  anyone ever done one?  i have to admit that yesterday i was all for it, and today i am really nervous.

the first week is just fruits and vegetables mixed with nuts and seeds.  no caffeine, no dairy, no gluten, no alcohol.  this is starting to sound like a bad idea.  but we both know we need it.  getting rid of all of the damage we did over the holidays.  we didn't go crazy, but i still feel sluggish, headachy and moody.  so it wouldn't hurt to have a "mind-body detox that will leave you feeling your absolute best as you take on the year ahead".  that's what the article promises.  and that's what i'm hoping for.  you can read about the plan here.

the following menu is up for reevaluation as the week goes on.  i am hoping to make it through the week without any modifications but we'll see.  note: i am writing this post on sunday morning as i sip on a starbucks coffee and just finished a breakfast of french toast and bacon.  this really will be a challenge.

making this week:
monday: steamed broccoli and squash with tahini dressing, the kids will have chicken with theirs
tuesday: roasted garlic and beet soup, the kids will also have grilled cheese
wednesday: roasted peppers, cauliflower and almonds, adding fish sticks for the kids
thursday: steamed broccoli and squash with tahini dressing
friday: we'll be out so this will be another challenge
weekend: if we make it this far we will have the beet soup and pepper, cauliflower meals

baking this week:
i have some ripe bananas to make this banana bread.  not that i'll be having any.  but the kids can for snack, spread with some peanut butter.  this is going to be a hard week too.

i'll let you know how we do.  wish us luck.

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Mackenzie said...

More power to you guys! My roommates in grad school did a detox with I believe lemon juice, cayenne pepper and honey. Not sure WHAT all was in it to be honest. They felt great after the 2 weeks, but they were no fun to deal with while they were doing it! Talk about grumpy!