Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 weekly menu: week 1

and so it starts all over.

i knew today would be hard.  it always is after having my family home for the holiday break.  the five of us hanging out together makes me so happy.  this morning i kissed them all goodbye as we got back to "normal" life.  and although i know i will enjoy some alone time, i will miss them.

this morning i am heading back to the gym for some yoga.  a good way to start off the new year, in meditation and peace.  finding balance and focus.  looking forward to it.

normal life also means getting back to some cooking.  it's been nice being out of the kitchen for a few days.  but it's time for some healthy cooking and good food.  unfortunately there is nothing exciting about my menu this week.

making this week:
monday: we ate out at our favorite mexican place
tuesday: lemon chicken pita
wednesday: bbq salmon salad
thursday: turkey chili and  cornbread
friday: pizza
weekend: not sure what the plan is yet so we'll play it by ear.

baking this week:
the last thing we need around here is more sweets or baked goods.  in fact one of my to-do's this week is to get rid of all of that stuff from the pantry and fridge.  i think i'll take this week to get an inventory of what i have and make a plan for some baking this year.

i have so many memories to share from our last two weeks.  and i am so excited to start fresh again here.  doing some planning and thinking and hoping that you will visit again.

make it a good day.

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