Thursday, November 10, 2011

winds of change

can you feel it?
something feels different.  not sure exactly what, but i feel it.
maybe it's the raging sound of wind and leaves outside my window.
maybe it's the fact that i can't decide in the morning if the kids should still be wearing shorts to school.
maybe it's that i want to have a hot coffee all day long.

but something feels different.

this little girl is growing up.
she is missing three teeth and i love looking at her smile.

she fell off the monkey bars yesterday and bumped her forehead.  the nurse called to tell me that sofia was brave and didn't even cry.

she is doing her homework every night without complaining and is so excited to get to school every morning to see her friends and teachers.
she is cuddly and loving.

last night when i put her to bed and hugged and kissed her for the 100th time i looked at her and thought i hope the day never comes when she doesn't want me to do that anymore.
she is drawing so much.

tons of pictures of people and fairies are showing up throughout the house. she even hung a bunch of them up in her room.

she is constantly talking about her friends, boys and girls.

she is awesome.

she is growing up for sure.

and i love that.

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Sandy's Little Corner said...

Ohh, my sweet Sofia! Love her!