Monday, November 21, 2011

weekly menu: week 47

i love this week.

it's thanksgiving.
time for good food and great company.

it's also grandparent's day at school.
it's fun watching the kids take their grandparents around campus.

it's also a short school week.
nice to have the kids home with us.
even if it means rearranging my schedule.

i still need to cook dinner.  here's what we're having.

making this week::
monday: grilled black bean burritos
tuesday: chicken tortilla soup
wednesday: spaghetti with turkey sausage
thursday: i'm bringing these sweet potatoes to thanksgiving dinner
friday: hoping for leftovers
saturday:  eat out
sunday: pizza

baking this week::
pumpkin roll - i know, you doubt me, bobby doubts me. will i actually bake this week?  yes i will.  because i saw this recipe and i want to make it. and i'll have time.  and i have all of the ingredients. and it's thanksgiving.  all good reasons to make something.

have a good week.

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Nancy said...

Betty -- Bill saw this on one of a.m. news shows and it looks like fun:
Cupcake Leftovers
Place one springroll wrapper in each cup of a jumbo muffin tin. Press in some stuffing. Top that with some sliced turkey (she used white meat) and then some cranberry relish (could use gravy instead -- this layer keeps everything moist). Using an ice cream scoop, top each "cupcake" with a scoop of mashed potatoes and top with a little cranberry relish. Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes. Everything's cooked, so you're just reheating and browning the wrapper.
I just may break my no-cook rule and try this one!