Friday, November 4, 2011

five on friday:: gratitude projects

i wanted to share with you a few things you can do to express your gratitude.  some of these i have done.  some i will be doing this year.  and some are just plain cute.

1. a gratitude journal

probably the easiest and simplest way to keep a record of all that you are thankful for.  you need a little notebook and a pen.  try and write something everyday, or every chance you get.  you'll be surprised how quickly it fills up. i used a moleskine kraft journal.  i glued pieces of scrapbook paper on top and added the word "gratitudes" on the side.  i use mine to keep gratitude quotes as well.

2. be thankful box

i made this one year that i was feeling very crafty.  i bought the box from michael's.  then i painted, stamped and covered it with scrapbooking paper.  you could just as easily use a simple pre-decorated box or even a jar.

i also made this tag book and put a picture of each of us.  on the back i wrote what each person was thankful for that year.  my goal was to do this every year and thus fill the box, but i moved on to other projects so this is the only book in the box right now.  i'll have to think of other things to fill it with.

3. a gratitude album

i loved this idea from cathy zielske.  last year i printed these simple thank you cards and placed them at each person's place setting.  then everyone wrote what they were thankful for on it.  i also took a picture of each person at dinner.  i printed the photos and place it on the empty space to the left and slipped them into a 4x6 photo album.  so simple.

4.  gratitude poster
photo from becky higgins
this idea came from becky higgins.  i loved it when i saw it so i am doing it this year.  a large white posterboard, letter stickers and a pen.  we will have it somewhere in the house where anyone can write a thank you when they feel inspired.   i hope to find a place to hang it all year long.  that way we can always be reminded of the things we are thankful for.  you can read more about it here and here.  and i will post mine as soon as i have it together.

5. thankful tree

i love this.  and what a cute home decor item.  imagine having this at the dinner table on thanksgiving.  your guests can each write something on a leaf.  don't tell but i'm thinking of giving this as a gift to our thanksgiving dinner hosts this year.  i think they'll love it, don't you?

i hope i gave you some inspiration in case you were interested in doing a gratitude project.

have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

And I am very grateful to have a daughter in who loves life and her family!

Anonymous said...

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