Monday, November 28, 2011

weekly menu:: week 48

happy monday.  it was hard getting up this morning after 5 days off.  and it didn't help that andrew is not feeling 100%.  he has a stomach bug that he's trying to get over.

so i'm adjusting my schedule today to take care of him and still get what i need done.

i'll share our adventures from thanksgiving and my 5k later. instead let's get down to the business of menu planning.

making this week::
monday: baked potato soup
tuesday: chicken piccata and winter fruit salad
wednesday:fish tacos and rice
thursday:bobby's birthday - chinese take out
friday: pizza
saturday: bobby's 40th birthday party
sunday: leftovers

baking this week::
i'll make something for bobby's birthday.  not sure what yet and don't want to spoil the surprise.  but it will involve chocolate for sure.

sorry for the short post.  lots on my mind this week.

hope everyone is well.

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