Tuesday, November 1, 2011

{re}focus:: november

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i seriously can't believe it.  only two months left in 2011.  once halloween is over everything seems to go by in a blur.  crazy that it's already november, huh?

but in a way it's kind of exciting.  goodness is coming.  time with family and friends.  days full of celebration and memories.  it truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

i know this time can get hectic so i want to set some reasonable expectations.  my goals for this month consists of two things:

be grateful:: take time this month to truly be grateful. for the big and the small.  for the big moments and the little moments.  for those things i take for granted but i am truly so thankful for.  i'll be sharing some of those moments on the blog this month.  really looking forward to it.

finish what i started::  i set a lot of goals for myself over this year.  a lot of them are done, but i'm still working on others.  i want to go over my list and see what i can realistically achieve this month.  i'm not putting pressure on myself in  any way.  i'll only finish those things that i really care about.

that's it.

(my secret goal is to get my christmas shopping done by december 1st.  i'd love to spend all of december working on my december daily and enjoying the season.)

if you are setting goals let me know.  or if you want to share something you are thankful for today, please do.

today i am thankful for energy and motivation.  it's keeping me going and i love it.

happy november!!

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