Friday, November 18, 2011

our weekend in numbers

the number of parent/teacher conferences we have today.  one right after the other.  i love sitting with the teachers and hearing about how the kids are progressing.  i'm especially looking forward to sofia's kindergarten conference. 

the number of us that will be volunteering at cha's preview day on saturday.  jordan is giving tours.   bobby will be speaking at the presentation.  i will be helping with the food.  the other two will be running around and playing.  check out our website if you're interested in coming by.

the numbers of hours i will be doing zumba tomorrow night.  it's a marathon zumba class at the park with the teacher from the y.  i'm looking at it like a party, except that the steps will be choreographed, and i'll be sweating like crazy.  but there will be great music for sure!

the number of high schools we will be visiting on sunday.  i can't believe it's time to look at high schools.  actually, we are a year ahead of schedule but it's an overwhelming process for us me.  so getting started early is helpful.

the number of points i expect to beat my husband by in fantasy football on sunday.  it would have been more if some of my players were playing.  but i still think i can score the win.

have a great weekend!

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