Tuesday, November 29, 2011

turkey trotting

so i kind of messed up yesterday.  for some reason i had it in my mind that bobby's birthday was on wednesday, when in reality it's on thursday.  we've both been saying that it's wednesday, not sure who confused who. kind of a relief since it gives me one more day to get some things done.  i made the adjustment on the menu in case you look back at it.
at the start/finish line
so on with the 5k.
i decided about 2 months ago that i wanted needed to do another 5k before the end of the year.  i had such a cool experience the first time around and i needed a goal and a plan.  someone suggested doing a turkey trot on thanksgiving.  what a great idea.  run in the morning, eat all you want in the afternoon.  that sounded like the perfect plan.

i couldn't help but compare the two runs.  one in march and one in november.  you can read about my march race here.

what was the same:
i was excited and nervous.  much more the first time than this time, but those emotions were present in my head.
i didn't think i could run the whole thing, but i did.
i started out at the back of the pack but moved myself somewhere in the middle.
i wore the same shoes, pants, shirt, jacket and hat.  all for good luck.
i had my run playlist blaring in my ears.  i added some foofighters and adele to change it up.  i can't run without it.
i was determined to do my best.  whether i ran the whole thing or walked some of it, i was going to finish.
i had moments during the run where i really wanted to walk.  "just keep moving your legs", "you can do this", "don't give up".  that's what i kept telling myself.  and it worked.
i didn't get too sore or tired.
i felt amazing afterward.
i was so proud of myself.
do you see me?
what was different:
this was a much smaller race. less people, less hoopla, no medals (boohoo).  in our old neighborhood of burbank.  it was on a much smaller scale.  a very flat run which made it easier.
i ran alone.  i ran with a training group the first time around which was so helpful and motivating.  but running and training by myself this time convinced me that i really can do this.  i'm all the motivation i need.
i didn't have a cheering squad.  in march the kids were there to see me as well as my parents and sister.  this time though it was more low key.  we were on our way out of town.  the kids stayed with my in-laws.   it made it all seem like not as big of a deal.  been there, done that.  bobby was a great cheerleader.
i registered the morning for the race.  i think i had more doubt than i cared to admit to myself.  up until that morning i really wasn't sure i could do it.  in fact on monday i thought i was out because the online registration was closed.  but one phone call to the y and they told me i could register that morning.  nothing could stop me then.
i felt great leading up to the race. nothing hurt.  nothing was wrapped, i didn't take any pain medication beforehand.  that made a huge difference in finishing strong.  i did get a side stitch at one point but i was able to shake it off.
i felt stronger.  the first time around i ran up to 5 miles at a time to prepare for the race.  running 3.2 miles seemed easy after all of the running i had done.  but this time i did more than run to prepare for the race.  i did yoga and stretching, cycling and zumba, treadmill and cross trainer, abs and pilates.  i know that helped to prepare me physically and mentally.
i finished faster.  all of that training and experience really helped.  official time 33.42 compared to 35.21.  the difference in the trail contributed to the better time but i ran a faster per mile pace overall, and that was my goal.  let's see how i do in march when i run the great race again.

i am definitely hooked.  i can't wait to do it again.  i've set some big goals for next year.  anyone want to join me?

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Jen said...

I just started getting hooked on races too. I'll join you!!