Monday, May 5, 2014

2014 weekly menu: week 19

kids meal from the mother daughter garden party
hi stranger.
and by stranger i mean me.

happy to be back at my computer.
to be planning meals and thinking up dinners.
it's been a rough month.
not bad, just busy.
doing too much.
not resting enough.
and definitely not meal planning - at all!
that's hard.
everyday wondering what we are having for dinner.
or eating out.
well, that's easy.
but not what we want to do all the time.

so i'm back to the business of healthy dinners.
just in time for the half marathon on saturday.
this week pretty much planned itself.
high protein at the beginning of the week and carb loading at the end.

i won't bother recapping what we've been eating.
but it looked like this.
salmon with couscous and feta and greek orzo salad
spinach tortellini with sausage and caesar salad 
and this.

and this.

weekend eats
saturday: dinner with grandparents and great grandparents
sunday: leftovers

making this week
monday: chicken tostadas
tuesday: eggs, bacon, potatoes
wednesday: pasta with turkey sausage
thursday: crispy chicken wraps
friday: pre-race dinner

not that this week isn't busy, but compared to the last few weeks, it's nothing.
happy cinco de mayo.

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