Tuesday, May 13, 2014

currently | may 2014

wishing i was updating my photo album.

icing my ankle and feeling a lot better. my limp is less noticeable.

needing to mop my floors - good lord they are dirty.

anticipating news of a baby being born - come on chicken nugget.

watching the last few episodes of breaking bad. i forgot how intense that show is.

admitting that i am watching dancing with the stars.  great cast this season.

loving the show parts unknown on cnn. i'm all about food and stories - just without all the danger, murder and drugs.

wrapping up the last few commitments at cha and the last meetings at notre dame.

wondering what i will do with all of my free time next year - yeah right.

can't believe that jordan will finish his freshman year in one week!

thinking about how fast the next three years will go... ok crying.

admiring him for jumping right into pre-season water polo - he's committed.

adding to my list of books to read. it's not getting any shorter.

waiting on that massage.

planning a few things to do/see/eat before the kids get out of school.

knowing i won't have enough time to do it all.

dreaming about our summer vacation.

reminding myself to be honest and brave.

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