Friday, May 23, 2014

inspired by | do it anyway

for those that don't know, notre dame is a catholic high school.  they start every school day and every school meeting with a prayer.  sometimes it helps set the tone of the meeting, sometimes it's informative, and sometimes it gets you thinking.

the last 2 meetings i've attended - one for band boosters and one for the mother's guild, this was the opening prayer.  and man, did it touch my heart.

etsy print found here.
this was inspired by the paradoxical commandments but mother teresa made these words powerful.

what this means to me: it reminds me to live an honest and authentic life regardless of criticism, jealousy, cruelty, ignorance, justice, or judgement.  it helps me let go of negativity.  it's a statement that goodness and kindness and happiness and forgiveness is what i want to give and receive. that what really matters is that it is right for me and my family first.

have a great weekend.

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