Wednesday, May 28, 2014

our weekend in (food) photos

enjoyed reading this over the weekend.  drool.

on friday, while our kids were at a middle school dance, a few of the parents went to the yard house for dinner and drinks.  i had my most favorite crunchy tuna salad. we sampled the beer and laughed for 3 hours.  no worries, we had a designated driver picking up the kids.  in fact, they beat us home.

saturday, bobby made pancakes for breakfast from our school's new cookbook.  i love these fundraisers that help share recipes.  the pancakes were delicious and devoured.

we did some things around the house and then bobby and i went back to yard house for lunch.  we are just discovering how good the food is here.  i had the turkey burger for lunch.

we hung out with my parents - no food was consumed - and then went home to hang out and watch lost.

sunday morning bobby made crepes from the cookbook, another excellent recipe from one of our excellent teachers.  we went to church and to andrew's baseball game. (forgot to take a picture of the nachos.)

then we went to my sister's house to see the updates.  she had a nice spread to munch on while we visited.

for dinner... menchie's.

monday was a nice, quiet day.

bobby and i went to target and trader joe's to get a few things for a bbq.

i made a pineapple pico de gallo for our hawaiian dogs (minus the macadamia nuts).

then we went to the park to meet up with my family.  we grilled our turkey dogs, bacon wrapped hot dogs and 3 different kinds of sausages.  never a lack of choices for us.

my dog was heavy on the salsa, light on the turkey dog.  a nice salad and some chips to round off the plate.

and after all that, when we got home on sunday evening, sofia says "i'm hungry." never fails.  so her wish came true and bobby took her to mcdonald's (gasp).  not something we do very often.  but hey, the girl gotta to eat, right?

maybe not the healthiest weekend but we enjoyed every bite.

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