Thursday, May 22, 2014

our weekend in photos | eco and strawberry festivals

our annual end of the year festival took place on friday under windy conditions and hot temps.  that comes with the territory, literally.

months were dedicated to planning this end of the year festival that culminated our year long theme of ecology.  parent volunteers, teachers, students, staff and eco friendly vendors came together to teach and learn about the earth and those that live on it.

watching the kids perform is a highlight.  they sang and recited poems particular to their "ology".
sofia was in the climatologist group.  so they sang "raindrops keep falling on my head" and recited a poem about the wind.

andrew was in the hydrologist group, so they sang "what do you do with a water waster?".

there were hikes through the chumash trails, native plant lectures, advocacy presentations and demonstrations on weather, bubbles, recycling, and geodes.  the decorations were all recycled from various events throughout the year, as well as from the art room and recycle bin.  it was an educational and fun afternoon at our lovely school.

saturday was my first day sleeping in and not putting on my running shoes.  man it felt good.  we stayed in our pi's and did house things.

i got some time to get organized on my project life album.

after dinner we had menchie's.  having just the five of us together on a weekend for a meal is getting to be a rare thing.  we've been scattered at different events for so long.  it felt great to just hang out at home and enjoy a treat.

sunday sofia and i went to oxnard for the strawberry festival.  i'd never been so it was an experience i was excited for.  my only complaint was having to pay to get in and then having to pay to do anything; games, crafts, food.  i didn't bring enough cash to do everything we wanted to do.

but we had strawberry smoothies, frozen strawberry lemonade, and just plain strawberries.

i passed on the strawberry wine, and wanted to try the strawberry popcorn but forgot.

lunch was corn dogs, what else?

andrew had a baseball game in the afternoon, jordan had his last confirmation class and then we went to my parents' house for dinner to celebrate some may birthdays...

with ice cream chocolate chip cookie desserts.

looking forward to more relaxing weekends ahead.

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