Tuesday, May 6, 2014

around here: april/may

the closest i will get to a recap.

 went to the notre dame mother's guild fashion show in april.  it was a lovely event and quite a production.  we planned for this event all year long and it was a success.  as a freshman mom our job was to work.  and we had fun doing it.  but the silent auction was crazy. 600 ladies all trying to outbid me.

the food was so good.  tomato bisque soup - love!

 jordan finally got to enjoy the new pool.  a new home for him and he's in it 8 months out of the year.

andrew as ares, the god of war, during the greek mythology festival.  it was a fun day learning about each of the gods.  and the greek feast we enjoyed was lovely.

 trying to read in 10 minute segments has been hard.  liking this one so far but my list is long so i have to read faster.

 we donated bottles to the art festival at school.  the school made us some labels to display our wine.

 and sofia's self portrait was awesome. go dodgers!

 hanging out with their cousin on easter. they adore him.

 an easter egg for each child.

 best birthday party entertainment.  she was in heaven.

 it's always someone's birthday around here.  and we like to celebrate.

 jordan had his first mission league finals.  he did better at the finals than the prelims and he was on a strong relay team.  he's working hard to make varsity next year. a great end to the season.

 i love snack time.

 and friends who do things just because.

 and salty sweets.

missing my boy, ahem, young man who is off on a week long adventure.

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