Thursday, July 18, 2013

our weekend in pictures: san diego

this past weekend we made another trip to san diego for a family reunion.  my mom's family got together to celebrate the second annual palacio family reunion.

once again, claudia coordinate all of the aunts, uncles, cousins and significant others together for a day of food and celebration.  we got to see our family and catch up, laugh and play together.

of course there was food, none of which i captured.  but if you look back at last year's post, it's pretty much the same.  i love that this day is easy.  bring what you want to grill and a side dish.  we had burgers, chicken sausages, hot dogs, salads, chips, fresh fruit and lots of dessert.

there was a "friendly" game of volleyball.  i didn't get a picture of that either cause i was too busy with my wicked serve.  not really, but it got competitive for sure.  san diego vs. los angeles.  i think we played 5 or 6 games of which la won 2.  we are fired up now, getting a volleyball net and ball and we'll be ready to rematch next year.

the port of san diego is the perfect spot for this get together.  looking out at the boats, the kids can get in the water, it is so much cooler than la.  glad we could come back here and see everyone.

we stayed at our cousins house for the night and then got up on sunday and went to breakfast at tyler's.

my brother and cousin recommended this place for their johnny cakes, and we are all about johnny cakes.

and waffles with lots of whipped cream.

to be honest, we were underwhelmed with the cakes.  they were ok.  not enough corn flavor for us and a bit overpriced for a family restaurant.  but we left with full bellies.

for father's day the kids and i invited bobby to see a padres game.  it worked out perfectly that they were in town on sunday and the game was at 1, early enough to get home at a decent hour.

it was family day at the park with blow up rides for the kids.  i love that you can take your picnic blanket and camp out on the lawn to watch the game while the kids run around.  every baseball park should have this.

our seats were on the top level, but this stadium is smaller than la's so they were decent.  we got to sit close to the service men who were being honored at the game.

but honestly, it was soooo hot.  we were literally melting in our seats with the sun directly above us.  we made it to the 4th inning and then thought about leaving but instead moved to the other side of the stadium for lots of shade (and lots of empty seats.)

ahh, much better.  the view of downtown san diego was spectacular.

the kids cooled off with ice cream.

and we cooled off with a shock top.

blow out game with the padres winning 10-1, lots of home runs and errors.  we were bummed to have missed the no hitter the night before. but we were happy to cross off another baseball field from the list.

after the game we walked through downtown to the burger lounge.  how have we never visited this place?  not that there is one close to us but now that we know we will definitely be visiting the one in brentwood, maybe after a water polo game.

it's marketed as an organic, sustainable restaurant.  and the flavor?  outstanding.

the kids had burgers and chicken tenders.  bobby and i shared a turkey burger and a quinoa salad.  both were amazing.  loved this place.

we are savoring our last few weekends together.  making the most of the time we have before he's off on an adventure.  this was a good one!

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