Wednesday, July 31, 2013

5x12 | july

here we are at the end of july.  the days flew by but we enjoyed every one of them.
  • our garden grew. 
  • we ate the first tomato off the plant, used the zucchini for some pasta, and added basil to sandwiches and salads.
  • we realized our mistake with the strawberries and will try again next year.
  • jordan practiced and swam and got stronger.
  • we bought books for school - ouch.
  • we saw 2 fireworks shows - one in a boat.
  • we went to san diego for my mom’s family reunion.
  • we went to a padres game.
  • we hosted my dad’s family reunion.
  • we learned how to play flip the cup.
  • i laughed harder than i have in a long time.
  • we watched pitch perfect for the first time.
  • we saw monsters inc.
  • i finished book #1 and started book #2.
  • jordan zipped through books 1 & 2 and is now working on 3.
  • i cut 5 inches off my hair.
  • sofia cut 7 inches off her hair.
  • andrew cut 2.
  • sofia and i went with friends to see aladdin put on by a teenage theater workshop. it was amazing.
  • we waited patiently for the royal baby to be born.
  • i dared myself to do more daring this month.
  • bobby worked late almost everyday.
  • we are preparing for time apart.
  • we are excited,nervous and scared. 
  • we saw an amazing cirque de soleil show.
  • we ate peach cobbler and peach pie.
  • the kids made jam and popsicles.
  • we were quiet and busy and happy.
july, thanks for the memories.

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