Thursday, July 25, 2013

currents: 7.25

picking zucchini from our garden everyday.

watching the tomatoes grow.

hoping they aren't perfectly ripe while we are away.

feeling excited about seeing one in vegas.

spending too much money on textbooks - ugh!

wishing they could use ipads instead - books are cheaper.

managing jordan's schedule for the next few weeks.  (his summer is pretty much over.)

scheduling our weekends for the fall.

wondering how early jordan will get out today.

waiting for my travel journal to arrive in the mail.

excited to fill it up with memories.

making plans to visits with family before we leave.

getting used to sofia's shorter hair. (it's so much healthier now.)

deciding whether i will train this fall for another 1/2 marathon in november.

daring to be honest and brave - even if my voice shakes.

finding solutions, comprise and strength.

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