Monday, July 29, 2013

2013 weekly menu: week 31

sopes de chorizo
this week is going to be unpredictable. i don't know what we'll be eating every night so i thought i would bring back a menu from the past to help you out if you're looking for inspiration.

weekend eats: 
saturday: sopes and pupusas  
sunday: pizza, gnocchi and salad
here's a menu from last year week 29.  and i've added a link to the minestrone recipe which i've been wanting to share.

making this week:
monday: grilled halibut with fresh mango salad, corn on the cob
tuesday: minestrone soup, french bread - we love this soup! i replace the lentils with red kidney beans.
wednesday:  shrimp lettuce wraps, chicken shu mai, rice
thursday: taco salad
friday: pizza

hope this helps.  i'll share next week what our weekly menu looked like.

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