Thursday, February 21, 2013

our weekend in pictures: whiskey flat days

saturday we went up to kernville to get away for the long weekend and for one last snow day.  kernville was celebrating whiskey flat days so there was plenty to do and lots of people around.  they have a rodeo, parade, wild west encampment, and arts and crafts show.  lots of fun stuff if you can handle the crowds in an otherwise quiet little town.

we got there saturday afternoon and hung out around the house.

sunday the big boys went on a quad ride while we took the kids to see the whiskey flat camp.  imagine a renaissance fair but in the wild west.

people dressed up in costume and taking on the characters of this time.

artisans making items from that time period.

the kids got to pump their own water

grind corn for cornbread

and learn how they bathed and washed cloths without a washer and dryer.

we saw a shoot out reenactment and learned how whiskey flat got it's name.

then we stepped into a native american village and got to see different types of teepees

and wigwams. jeff and kenzi invited us to see their new house but i think their real place is slightly larger than this one.

they had cooking demonstrations, bow and arrow practice, even a tomahawk throwing activity, with a real tomahawk.  surprisingly no one wanted to try it.

they had a huge drum in the middle of the village and the kids took turns beating on the drum. jordan and i got to play with one of the natives. we followed him and then played our own beat.  it was pure energy.

we left the heat of the encampment to get these kids to the snow.  a serious climate change. there was little left on the ground, just enough to enjoy for the afternoon.

sledding, fort building and snowball fights.

these two little girls really enjoyed sliding down the hill.

sunday the kids went to the track for some quad riding.  sofia is getting very comfortable on her bike learning about the throttle and the choke.  her bike goes at the perfect speed, although i'm sure she would love to go faster.  she joined the guys on the big track this time and did great.  she's a natural.

bobby wanted them to pose like they were tough.  looks like the cover of 4 wheeler magazine, right?

we loved hanging out with everyone and enjoyed the time away.

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