Thursday, February 28, 2013

5 x 12: february

february, the month of love.  and for us, the month that changed our future.

  • after months of stress, emotion, and big decision making our school got the best news.  we will own our entire campus.  i cannot explain what this means to us.  mostly that the kids will have their school, friends and teachers in the fall!
  • i can tell you that february for me and bobby was filled with a roller coaster of emotion, what ifs, and lots of prayer.
  • jordan finished his last round of testing and interviews for high school.  looking forward to some good news in the next few weeks.
  • jordan had his best basketball season ever, scoring a personal best, making a 3-point shot, free throws and even making fouls. (that was a lesson in being more aggressive.)
  • andrew had so much fun.  his team didn't fare so well, but he learned the fundamentals of the game and is interested in trying again next year.
  • andrew became a marlin for another little league season.
  • we had a quiet valentine’s dinner at home with chinese food and sushi.
  • sofia celebrated 100 days at school and dr. seuss’ birthday.
  • bobby won a bronze medal in his rowing competition.
  • we took jordan and a few of his friends to disneyland.  they roamed the park while we hung out with grandma and grandpa tom.
  • sofia rode matterhorn, space mountain and tower of terror for the first time - and she loved it.
  • i ran and ran and ran.
  • i lost my patience with my diy project. it is currently in a bag in the corner of my room.
  • sofia had her first sleepover and she survived - so did i.
  • we had one last snow day.
  • this last week has been full of good news - let's keep up the momentum.

february you rocked it - thank you!

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