Wednesday, February 6, 2013

all in a day: 2.2

this past saturday was another one of those days.  we had four people with four things that had to be done.  a lot of it overlapped and we wondered how we could get it done.

we decided to make a game plan. bobby always thinks best with pen and paper.
he made a list of who needed to be where and then we matched up our schedules like a jigsaw puzzle.  (note: we got up at 6 not 6:45.  that was wishful thinking.)

we had 4 big events:
  • i had my first training run
  • jordan had a high school entrance exam and interview
  • andrew had his first baseball practice of the season
  • bobby had a rowing competition
after looking at the different things we had and the location of each we figured out the best course of action.

bobby dropped off jordan at his test.

then took the kids to breakfast at ihop.

i went to the y for my training run.

it was an easy one this morning. 40 minutes on a very familiar route.  i have to admit i feel a little rusty.  things are achey and sore.  but it felt good to be running again.

we met up at home.  they brought me breakfast too.

then i showered and andrew got into his baseball gear.  bobby and andrew left for practice.

andrew is on the same team from last year.  it's nice because we love the coach and feel good about his ability this year being a little older and more experienced.

sofia and i went to pick up jordan from his test.  he had an hour before his interview so we grabbed lunch at panda express.

then it was back to school for the interview.

he did awesome by the way.  i had a few questions about college preparation and honors classes and then we were on our way.

a stop at the mall to get a birthday gift.

bobby and andrew left baseball practice early to get to his competition in long beach.

he's been training for the past few months on the rowing machines at his work. it was a complete workout regimen all for 8 minutes of rowing. he did great beating his goal by 6 seconds.  go bobby!

andrew was not happy about being around "a bunch of sweaty old men". but he was a trooper and even took pictures for us.

we were all reunited at home for the afternoon.  the kids relaxed, played video games and we took a much needed nap.

a friend of ours was celebrating her birthday that night.  unfortunately, we did not have a babysitter.  so bobby stayed home with the kids and i went to the party with my sister-in-law.

the party was at la descarga in hollywood.  a cuban cigar and rum bar.

i had never seen anything like this before.  you actually enter through a closet to get into the bar.  so cool.

and then you see this.

and this.
we had such a good time hanging out with friends, watching the show, drinking mojitos and making it home before midnight.

we definitely seized the day!

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