Friday, February 15, 2013

awesome and a dare

i had a dream about a blog post i was going to write today. something that would inspire, something honest and emotional.

i sat down at the computer this morning to write it.  but as i do every morning, i checked ali's site first and found this video.  this video that made me laugh, cry and breath deep.

this says it better than i ever could. and it's too wonderful not to share, especially now.

dare #5
do something that will make today awesome.  in a big way or small. for you or for someone else.  be "gooder than that". i dare you.

check out ali's post today.  the other video she has on there is pretty inspirational as well. (that one had me crying too.) we have more in common than differences.  let's remember and appreciate that.

have an incredible weekend.

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