Monday, October 29, 2012

weekly menu: week 44

turkey sausage, white bean and kale soup.
it's monday morning and i am sitting here for the first time in a few months not feeling rushed.  i am having a cup of coffee, waiting for my english muffin to pop out of the toaster so i can slather it with a little peanut butter and banana.  i'm ready to do my menu and get to the grocery store.  it's a bit of an odd feeling.

i should be rushing.  i should be dropping the kids off at school and getting my run in for the day.  then rushing home to eat something, shower and then make my menu, list and get to the store.  but as of yesterday, that all changed for me.  the race is done. today my body is reminding me of what i put it through and that i have to slow down.

i'll give you all the details in a future post.  but for now it's time to rest.  besides i have halloween costumes to finish, about 587 loads of laundry to get through, and it wouldn't hurt to sweep up those leaves that have accumulated by the front door.  i guess i have plenty to fill my day with.

but i'll miss the run.

making this week:
monday: chinese chicken salad
tuesday: turkey burgers, sweet potato fries
wednesday: halloween candy ; )
thursday: fish tacos
friday: calzones
saturday: birthday dinner for aunt becky
sunday: eat out

have a restful week.

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beannie said...

Andrew and I already swept the leaves last night, so that's one thing off your list!