Tuesday, October 30, 2012

queen bee market

saturday, to try and get my mind off the race, we ventured to orange county for the queen bee market craft fair.

let's be honest.  i went to the fair for one reason, to meet elise blaha cripe.  to buy some of her stamps. to get a holiday book. and to take this picture.

she was one of the vendors selling handmade crafts at the fair.  i tried to play it cool when i met her.  i mean, i read her blog everyday and am so inspired by her creativity.  i admire her determination to get things done; crafting, diy projects, running, cooking.  just take a look at her blog and you'll see what i mean.  this girl does it all.

i may have told her that i read her blog everyday, that i was running a half marathon on sunday, that i wish i had her energy, that she inspired me to write my blog everyday last year.  i hope i didn't freak her out. but i admire her and i wanted her to know that.

she was absolutely lovely.  we chatted about blogging, and crafting, and running.  i bought 2 stamps and her holiday book.  plus i picked up a few other goodies from other vendors.  love it all!

i was inspired by these women who have an idea and talent, bring it to life and are now sharing it with everyone.  calligraphers, jewelry makers, paper crafters, designers.  they are talented and super creative. it was worth the drive to be there.

the other great part was that we got to spend some time with gigi and great grandpa.  they live just 6 minutes from where the craft fair was happening.  the kids played apples to apples with them and we all had lunch together.  of course there was dessert; cake and ice cream.

this was a perfectly fun way of spending a saturday afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Hi B! I think you should change your name to Queen Bee!!! Love the blog! Love you, Sue