Wednesday, October 10, 2012

much ado about sofia

it really is hard to believe that our little girl is 7.
when did that happen?

she is having the time of her life.
has wonderful friends.
and is so sure of herself that her confidence is inspiring.

for her birthday, she did a lot of celebrating.

it started on friday at the school spirit assembly.

they always celebrate birthdays and sing the happy birthday song.
i love that everyone knows the kids and they cheer, dance and sing for each one.  it makes them feel special.

then on saturday, per her request, we took her to disneyland.

we loved seeing all of the fall decorations and riding on the halloween rides, like space mountain ghost galaxy and the nightmare before christmas haunted mansion.  the bad part was that it was pretty crowded so the wait times were ridiculous.  that also meant that we didn't ride on anything at the new cars land.  but it's on our list for next time for sure.

her favorite part was riding grizzly river run with the boys.  she got soaked.

on sunday we took some of her girl friends from school to see hotel transylvania and then to get frozen yogurt.  she has the best friends.  each one so incredibly special to her (and to me).  they laughed during the movie, and then ran around together outside.

for dinner our families came together for her favorite, mac and cheese and strawberry cupcakes.  it's always wonderful to fill our home with loved ones as we celebrate someone special.  and she loved it too.

finally, on monday at school she was birthday queen for the day.
she wore a crown, got to pop the birthday balloon, was spun 7 times (+1 for good luck) on the chair, heard birthday wishes from her friends and passed out a treat to each one.  her teachers make it really special for the kids.

that's a lot of celebrating for a 7 year old.

as she heads into this new year i know she will make the best of it.  we are so proud of her and look forward to the wonderful things she will accomplish this coming year.

i looked back at this post and it really says so much about who she is.

keep celebrating sofia.  we love you!


Mackenzie said...

I can't believe she's 7 either! Although it's an easy way to keep track of how long Jeff and I have been together! Happy birthday, Miss Bossy Cow!

Melissa said...

We love you Sofia!!! Looks like you had an amazing birthday. Miss you all!
-M, D, G, & K