Tuesday, October 9, 2012

weekly menu: week 41

cheeseburger at our teacher luncheon.
i'm trying.  i'm really trying.
but i'm failing.
well, maybe not failing, but falling behind.
mostly on the updates here on the blog.
and the worst thing is that i have so much to share.
pictures. stories. celebrations.
i'll get to it eventually.

as the weather is finally starting to cool down i am resisting making every night, soup night.  but there are a ton of recipes i want to make.  i'll have to spread them out over the next few months.

making this week:
monday: tamales, thanks mom and dad!
tuesday: bbq salmon, mashed potatoes, green beans
wednesday: smothered pork chops with cornbread
thursday: minestrone soup (rain is in the forecast)
friday: pizza
saturday: eat out
sunday: tbd

moving forward!  have a great week.

1 comment:

Mackenzie said...

EH. Don't worry about being behind. Even if you are behind, I will ALWAYS be more behind than you! I'm stuck in July...maybe a sign that I wish summer never ended?