Thursday, October 25, 2012

vegas baby

at the end of september our good friends invited us to head to vegas with them.  now, we are not huge vegas people.  but we couldn't pass up the chance to hit the slot machines, eat good food and hang out with amy and anthony.

we left friday at 5:30am, watched the sunrise

and picked up coffee and breakfast at starbucks.

apparently i need to speak clearly when i order.

we made it to vegas in 4.5 hours, checked into the hotel - which earned the name "the honey boo boo hotel", and took to the strip for some fun.  bobby and i turned into tourists while we were there, oohing and aahing at the beautiful hotels and spectacle that is vegas.

bobby couldn't wait to get one of these tall drinks and walk from hotel to hotel. do they look like tourists to you?

after the drinks it was time for lunch.

we were so excited to find this burger place.  turkey burgers, shrimp corn dogs, and popcorn.  next time we visit we'll have to make room for one of their shakes.  they looked amazing.

and of course we had to pose in the high heel shoe.

we gambled and hoped for the jackpot, but alas it never. we spent most of our time looking for people's unused credits that they left in machines.  at that point amy was embarrassed to hang out with us so we left.

we went back to the hotel for a little nap and to meet up with anthony for dinner.  it was awesome that we took a limo to the strip.
that's the way to get around town for dinner and a little gambling.  just a casual night out on the town.

saturday, we had to go to the buffet at the wynn.

 unbelievable selection of food. all of the things that i love in one place.  chilaquiles, eggs benedict, carnitas, bread pudding, gelato, sushi.  seriously, i was in awe.  a buffet that was worth every calorie.

and a beautiful hotel to go with it.  definitely want to stay here next time.

back to the hotel for a nap and a recharge.  actually we were just waiting to get hungry again.  we had tickets to love, cirq de soleil.  so we grabbed some pizza, calzones, and wine.

then we went to the theater.

an amazing show!  the music, the acts, the energy.  it was contagious and everyone left singing one of the beatles songs.  so happy we got to see this.

sunday morning we left early to get us back in time for jordan's swim meet.  but we felt like we had enough of the smoke, the slots and all of that food.

thank you anthony and amy for the invite, the tips, letting us crash at the "honey boo boo hotel", the upgrades, the laughter.  but most of all for your friendship.  we had so much fun.  and we can't wait to do it again!

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Sarah said...

That looks like such a fun trip, Bennie! :)