Tuesday, October 23, 2012

around here

 it's hard to go back and talk about all of the things we've been up to.  i have a few that i want to focus on.  but these are the things that have been keeping us busy and happy over the last few weeks.

 i am eating peanut butter and banana sandwiches on wheat bread.  something so comforting about that.

 we were boo'd over the weekend.  found this lovely bucket and note on our doorstep.  such a fun tradition and thoughtful gift.  thank you... you know who you are.

 i'm 5 days away from the race. getting in my last few runs, trying to stay healthy, calm and injury free.

 we are watching the debates, listening to the commentary and keeping our opinions to ourselves.  i can't wait for this election to be done.

 we are proud and grateful for the grant our school received from disney.  the money will go toward our ipad initiative.  thanks grandma for the nomination.

 we are enjoying autumn and not paying attention to the push for christmas in the stores.  loving the variety of pumpkins everywhere.

 sofia got to "milk a cow" at farm day.  bobby and i helped make breakfast for the first grade class - these kids can eat!  and we made butter from cream.  one of the funnest events at our school.

 we are showing our gratitude to the families that are participating in our capital campaign.  more to come on that later.

our school celebrated it's 35th birthday and the kids got to party with games, cupcakes and party favors.  fun, fun, fun.

we got a little carried away with a new favorite wine.  but it's that good.  and these are all gone.

and that's what you missed on the blog.

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