Monday, October 1, 2012

weekly menu: week 40

turkey burger from holsteins in las vegas
well, we made it through september.  tired exhausted. crossed everything off our list. it took more out of us than we expected.  weekdays were packed.  weekends were packed. worked hard. so glad it is over.

last week i didn't make a menu. it made me anxious and uncomfortable. i don't know how people do it without a weekly menu.  it's a lot of work figuring out everyday what i'm going to make.  going to the grocery store everyday. eating out more often.  i was totally disorganized and i didn't like it.

i'm back to my menu planning this week and it feels good. it's my comfort zone.

making this week:
monday: salmon, goat cheese and hummus salad
tuesday: turkey burgers, kale chips
wednesday: mole enchiladas, salad
thursday: chicken stir fry, jasmine rice
friday: jersey mike's fundraiser
saturday: eat out
sunday: macaroni and cheese, salad to celebrate sofia's birthday

i want to say that things will slow down this week and this month.  but i know better.  i've been spending a lot of time at school while trying to fit in running, chores and other things that come up.  it is a challenge that i hope will get easier.

looking forward to sharing what we've been up to and what we have coming up.

hope you have a good week.

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