Wednesday, May 23, 2012

photo adventure

for a while i have had this idea: me + camera + adventure.

i want to stretch myself as a photographer and keep myself open to creativity and seeing things in a different perspective.  my plan is to go out with a purpose and theme of things i want to capture maybe flowers or things around town or food (obvious).

sometimes the sole purpose of the outing will be to take pictures and sometimes the pictures will result from the outing.  i am looking forward to seeing what adventures me and my camera will go on.

this time around we were at disneyland.  we are lucky that we get to visit the happiest place on earth a couple times a year thanks to grandma sue.  each time we go i take my camera and try to capture something that we've never seen before.

on saturday we went to celebrate andrew's 10th birthday - gotta love the birthday button.  i decided to use just my iPhone + instagram to capture the signs of the rides/places we went to.

i have to admit that after experiencing the traffic to get into the parking lot and seeing the long ticket lines i was skeptical as to how much we could fit into the day.  but looking at the pictures i realize we got to do a lot.

i also realized that i never really looked at the signs of the rides before.  have you?  looking for them as we went on each of the rides made it fun and new for me.  no matter how many times i've been on pirates or autopia.  i'm looking forward to going back and capturing a few more.

here's how the day went:

some words

and us

can't wait for the next adventure.


Beannie said...

My shirt's on backwards! How'd that happen? :)

Sarah said...

Ohhh, I love Disneyland - your photos make me want to go! How fun, and just the photos of the signs bring back so many memories. Love the idea!