Monday, May 14, 2012

weekly menu: week 20

mother's day breakfast courtesy of the kids.  they even made coffee!
i hate to be melodramatic, or sound like the song from wicked, but something has changed within me.
i am not the same person that posted on friday.
it's hard to describe but what i experienced on saturday morning has made me a different person.
it just feels different, physically and emotionally.  
i'm still trying to process it and figure out what that means for the rest of my life.

not that life is waiting for me to figure that out.
it seems to be moving right along.
kids are home from their trips and back at school.
i have meetings and school tasks to take care of.
we have a big school event on friday - so exciting.

and my family has to eat.

making this week:
monday:  chicken asada tacos (leftover from mother's day)
tuesday: turkey burgers, fruit
wednesday:  bbq chicken salad
thursday:  grilled halibut with mango salsa, rice pilaf
friday:  pizza
saturday:  bean and cheese burritos
sunday:  eat out

baking this week:
i love the idea of making my own hamburger buns.  so i want to try this recipe for our turkey burgers on tuesday. 

have a great week!


Sandy said...

I can't wait to feel what you're feeling someday in the future! I'm totally considering do this with you guys next year!! You guys pumped me up :)

Sarah said...

Right?! I knew you'd love half marathons - there is something totally empowering and addicting about knowing you can accomplish a 13 mile run. Congrats again!

beannie said...

Awesome. Good for you babe. Change is good. Next time you'll fly the course, defying gravity and what-not... :)

Gaby said...

The feeling is incredibly and completely life-changing! I totally feel the same way. It's a high and addicting. I keep replaying the run and I'm so thankful for the ideal conditions all around.