Tuesday, May 29, 2012

weekly menu: week 22

first of all, thank you to everyone for your sweet comments on my post from friday.  i love that i am inspiring some of you to go a little farther. my run on friday was great. working out a couple aches and pains.  my physical therapist, aka cousin kenzie, said that getting new shoes is most important.  so i may be heading to the outlets this week to pick up a new pair.

had a great weekend filled with baseball, adventure and family time.  after going on a tour of dodger stadium we stopped at patra's.  did you see jamie oliver's food revolution last year?

we ordered the revolution burgers for the meat eaters and the happy cow veggie burgers for us.  so tasty.

looking forward to a busy week as we head into the last few weeks of school. (how is that possible?)

making this week:
monday:  leftovers as we drove home from kernville
tuesday: santa fe chicken salad
wednesday:  celebrating my brother's birthday
friday:  pizza
saturday:  girls night out (and by girls i mean me and sofia)
sunday:  eat out

baking this week:
not sure i will have any time this week for baking. still haven't made those peanut butter and jelly muffins, so if i have time i'll look into that.

enjoy the short week.

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