Tuesday, December 27, 2011

weekly menu: week 52

recipe found here

not that i have a menu to share this week.  but i had to keep these posts going throgh the last week of the year. our schedule this week is completely open.  with all of us home we are going with the flow, eating lots of leftovers and eating out too.

making this week::
monday: we had turkey noodle soup.
tuesday: cheese enchiladas, rice and salad that i didn't make for christmas.
wednesday: ??
thursday: ??
friday: ??
saturday: i think we are having halibut for new year's eve.
sunday:  jordan wants spaghetti and meatballs for his birthday.

baking this week::
i have buttermilk in the fridge that i want to use up. so i'm thinking that calls for scones with dried fruit.  

did you have something outstanding to eat for christmas?  i will be sharing our story this week, with lots of food pictures of course.  

enjoy the last week of 2011!

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