Thursday, December 15, 2011

40th celebration

bobby turned 40 on december 1st and we wanted to celebrate in a big way.

over the summer we went to a house warming party and the hosts had a monte carlo night.  we played roulette and black jack for a few hours and had a great time.  bobby decided that's what he wanted for his birthday.

then when school started the pto had their teacher welcome back luncheon and we hired a taco guy to cater the event.  i brought home some of the leftovers and bobby said that's who he wanted to cater his birthday.

so the party was planned.  add in 55 of our closest family and friends and we had a bash to end all bashes.
the monte carlo people were awesome.  we rented a roulette table and a craps table.

 i loved playing roulette at the first party but never had a chance to play it here.  everyone had fun betting and watching the ball go round and round.
the most popular table was craps.  first of all the dealers were great.  they helped most of us learn how to play the game.  and the game has such excitement around it.  all of the people standing around.  the pressure on the roller.  chips go everywhere.
there was cheering, yelling, laughing, mulligans, betting, throwing and all kinds of shenanigans going on at that table.  i got to play for a little bit at the end of the night.  i had to join in the party.  i think some of us gained enough knowledge to try it the next time we're in vegas.

and then my brother did us a huge favor by handling the black jack table.  he had the mat and the cards and stood in as the dealer which helped save us some money.  thanks jorge.  everyone enjoyed it.

 and of course we couldn't pass up the chance to roast bobby on his birthday.  thanks to cousin jeff, my brothers, great grandpa, and mike for saying some nice, and comical, things about bobby.
look who came out a big winner.  grandma joyce.
at the end of the night guests traded in their chips or "cash" for tickets.  then we picked winners who went home with target gift cards and bottles of wine.  not a bad party favor.

i put out a deck of cards for people to leave birthday wishes on.
 no birthday cake.  instead we sang happy birthday and ate chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake, peppermint brownies and pan dulce.
thanks to my parents for opening up their house to this occasion.  thanks to my brother for setting up his sounds system.  thanks to sandy for documenting the evening.

the night was a huge success.  bobby was a happy guy and everyone had a great time.  something tells me that 41 will be a good year to do this again.

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Anonymous said...

What a great evening! Happy Birthday Birthday Boy! Love Mom